The fertile Hunter Valley may be famous for its wines, but it’s also a great place to breed and grow Black Simmental cattle.

Our stud commenced in 2006, with pure bred cows and 10 embryos from the Circle 8 Co-Op stud in Tarcutta, NSW. We now have a large, pure bred female herd.

The Wills Hill breeding programme is in the expert hands of Mr Nick Butcher, BAgr (Animal Genetics, UNE), of New England, NSW. Nick embraces the concept of hybrid vigour, and aims to produce low input, high output cattle that deliver substantial profit gains for producers.  

Our goal is to supply calf weights and calving ease comparable to Angus, and early maturing weaners with higher wean weights than straight bred Angus. Selection is based on feed efficiency and carcase traits, such as marbling and tenderness.


Wills Hill breeding programme goal: production system efficiency

Black colour, polled, calving ease, docility, fertility, maternal traits, moderate adult female size. A selected draft of leading US sires: HC Hummer 12M, ES Dakota NK68, SRS  Right On 22R, Ranch Hand. Selected in the quest for: softness, early maturing, free moving and easy doing. 

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